Wattler Klimatechnik GmbH

Increasing hygienic requirements in the food industry in the European Union regulated by the self-control HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) emphasize the need to even improve the hygienic conditions in the companies.

Because consumers are also interested in high hygienic standards and an impeccable production line, theĀ  neglect of hygiene regulations will have an influence on the image of the firm.

To achieve an effective ventilation to refrigerate or heat spaces in different parts of the food production process, flexible ventilation tubes are used. These can be made of textile or hygienic foil (polyethylene in the following: PE).

The Wattler Klimatechnik GmbH is successor of Wattler GmbH. With the change of generations we are successfully producing PE air hoses since 1995. A clean and economic alternative to the conventional systems in important segments of the food industry.


PE-Systen in a slaughterhouse